It's a small world  

video /duration 02'10''

25-28 May 2017 /The scriptless film project / exhibited at  Gasworks, London

After watching a violent video with reluctance the artist became intrigued by an elderly man being dragged off a ‘United’ aeroplane. The artist became compelled to edit this video.  

The elderly man’s yells resonated in her mind for a while and she felt that people in front of the computer screen were more violent than the people involved in the scene.

I use Youtube as material for my work and i consider the implication of its general audience and what they think, and want to see want to see. This can be grotesque.

On Youtube excitement, peace, conscience, and suspicion can be seen in contradiction with each other, which is a reflection of our actual world.

Laughing at this chaos can be a way of getting away from the insanity of the internet media.

 © 2018 by Tamami Mizutani

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